Category: Reasonable Doubt

  • Must-Watch TV

    I’m going to be on Reasonable Doubt tonight at 8:00, along with Todd Dupont and Steven Halpert. Watch. Better yet, call in.

  • Three Republican DA Candidates

    Here are the Reasonable Doubt episodes featuring three of the four Republican DA candidates: Kelly Siegler Pat Lykos Jim Leitner

  • Siegler Video is Up

    I finally got the video of Kelly Siegler and Murray Newman’s appearance on Reasonable Doubt up and running. It’s not as high-res as I would like, but it’s watchable. Now stop bugging me.

  • Siegler Reasonable Doubt Video

    I keep trying to upload the video of the February 21st Reasonable Doubt with Kelly Siegler and Murray Newman to Google Videos using the Google Video Uploader. The upload seems to go smoothly (I’ve tried several times with different video formats), but the video never appears in my list of uploaded videos. I can’t figure […]

  • Todd, Pat and Me on the TeeVee

    (Pay no attention to the goofy-looking static frame. Google picks this automatically to make the uploader look as ridiculous as possible.)

  • Defining Reasonable Doubt

    From 1991 (Geesa) to 2000 (Paulson), criminal juries in Texas were given this definition of “beyond a reasonable doubt: It is not required that the prosecution prove guilt beyond all possible doubt; it is required that the prosecution’s proof excludes all “reasonable doubt” concerning the defendant’s guilt. A “reasonable doubt” is a doubt based on […]