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  • Judge Susan Brown: Praise the Lord and Bring Your Toothbrush [Updated]

    Last week Houston judge Susan Brown jailed a woman for thanking God for her husband’s acquittal (Rick Casey, Chronicle). “It wasn’t an angry thing,” she said of the wife’s outburst. “Every black preacher teaches us to thank the Lord.” Um, okay, that justifies 36 hours in jail? [Update: According to criminal-defense lawyer Vivian King, who […]

  • Barrelscraping.

    The Pat Lykos DA’s Office has, in the last eight months, shown a marked tendency to act without calm deliberation. See the whale policy, the no-probation-for-illegal immigrants policy, the premature announcement of DIVERT, Pat Lykos calling two of her prosecutors “incompetent”, and just about every story on Murray’s blog. I wrote here about the Office’s […]

  • To My Republican Friends

    Are you collectively really so brainwashed that you think it’s okay to advocate “empowering” judges by taking sentencing power away from juries in felony cases belongs in the same document (the Texas GOP 2008 Platform . . . the image ought to be a live link) as “Preserving American Freedom” and “Limiting the Expanse of […]

  • Admit it: You Goofed.

    Young Doug Weathers (the adjective was recently vacated by order of the Nickname Marshal, Scott “Paladin” Greenfield) is discovering that maybe he doesn’t quite support the Republican Party in all its glory. He says, “for the first time in my adult life I voted for self-interest rather than perceived national interest.” “Perceived” is the key […]

  • Chuck to be Investigated?

    Harris County Judge Ed Emmett (not a real judge, but the county’s chief officer) has called for the Texas Attorney General to investigate Harris County D.A. Chuck Rosenthal. Chuck can, of course, rest assured that the investigation will be wholly apolitical and that his prosecution (if there is one — here at Defending People we […]