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  • Kenneth R. Kratz: “The Prize”

    Elected Republican Calumet County, Wisconsin District Attorney Kenneth R. Kratz got caught texting the complainant in a domestic-violence assault case. He was prosecuting her ex-boyfriend while trying to get into her pants. Im serious! Im the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, […]

  • Couch Fees in Texas

    Rule 1.13. Prohibited Sexual Relations [new, renumbered](a) A lawyer shall not condition the representation of a client or prospective client, or the quality of such representation, on having any person engage in sexual relations with the lawyer.(b) A lawyer shall not solicit or accept sexual relations as payment of fees.(c) A lawyer shall not have […]

  • The Smell of Fear / The Smell of Sex

    A year and a half ago, I wrote: Walking the halls of the Harris County Criminal Courthouse, I smell fear. The accused are often afraid, as you might expect, as are their loved ones, but theirs is not the fear I smell. The fear I smell oozes out from under doors leading to the judges’ […]

  • A Different Sort of Red Light Camera, and A Surprise for Bal’mer

    In Sweden, Police are using surveillance cameras and CCTV footage to catch men who visit prostitutes and pay – or seek to pay for – sex. Within weeks of such a visit a letter is sent to the “torsk” – Swedish slang for a male sex customer. If he does not admit to the crime […]

  • Not Just a Little Bit Overboard.

    26th Street Bar Association and Bad Court Thingy both wrote about an Illinois lawyer, who’s been suspended from the practice of law for 15 months for accepting $534 worth of nude dances as partial payment for $7,000 worth of legal fees in 2001 and 2002. The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission found that agreeing […]

  • From the Harris County Sexually Oriented Enterprise Regulations

    “Semi-nude” means “any state of dress which opaquely covers no more than a human buttock, anus, male genitalia, female genitalia or areola of a female breast.” Can anyone tell me what that means? I think it’s English, but I’m not certain.

  • The Park Sex Sting

    David Feige brings us this “astonishing” story about the Columbus, Ohio PD using bait to catch men who are willing to expose themselves in a public park. A topless woman woman hangs out in the park until a guy comes up to talk to her. She chats him up, gives him some IOIs, and asks […]