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  • Texas Lawyers: Time to Vote Again

    The two choices for President-Elect of the State Bar of Texas are San Angelo personal-injury lawyer Guy Choate and Tyler criminal-defense lawyer Buck Files. I know what you’re wondering: what do they say about the recent rules referendum? In interviews with the Texas Bar Journal, Files said: In every office that I have visited while […]

  • Steve Fischer to Chief Justice Jefferson on the Bar Rules Amendment Referendum

    From lawyer Steve Fischer of Rockport, Texas, in response to Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson, who has been tubthumping for the amendments to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct:

  • Why Straight-Ticket Referendum Voting Is Right

    Finally, I think it irresponsible to vote against ALL of the changes based upon your opposition to one rule.  The ballot has 6 questions.  Why throw the baby out with the bath water?   If you actually look at some of the other proposals, you might find you agree with them. That’s SMU lawprof Fred Moss’s […]

  • Because We Said So

    As I have said before, the proposed rules have been vetted by the State Bar Disciplinary Rules Committee, the Supreme Court Task Force, the Board of Directors and the Supreme Court itself. To suggest that the final result is a product as flawed as the critics would have you believe is just a bit disingenuous. […]

  • Other Blawgospheric Voices on the Referendum

    Thanks to the following bloggers, and especially to our out-of-state colleagues, for weighing in on the State Bar of Texas’s attempts to amend the Disciplinary Rules and efforts to do away with flat fees:

  • An Unlawful Referendum

    The State Bar of Texas is conducting an unlawful referendum on amendments to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. Any rules that pass the referendum will be subject to years of litigation; even if they are ultimately upheld by the courts, they will still be illegitimate.

  • SBOT General Practice, Solos, and Small Firm Section: Vote “No.”

    From Brian Burris of the Council of the General Practice, Solos, and Small Firm Section of the State Bar of Texas, a voluntary section that “devotes its energies primarily to the interests of lawyres who practice as solos and in small firms:

  • Where to Go to Vote “No”

    Texas Bar’s online ballot for the disciplinary rules referendum. Remember: there is no quorum requirement, so abstaining is as good as voting “Yes.”

  • The Referendum: A Former Chief Disciplinary Counsel’s View

    From Jim McCormack of Austin. Jim is a former General Counsel and Chief Disciplinary Counsel to the State Bar of Texas. (If you’re a Texas lawyer, you’ve probably received Jim’s emails about the referendum).

  • The Referendum: A PI Lawyer’s Opinion

    From Austin, Texas personal-injury/unemployment lawyer Joe Crews: