Category: Strategy and Tactics

  • Criminal Defense Trial Lawyering = Chess

    Apropos of today's earlier post about collaboration (and, ultimately, strategy) in federal drug cases: Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. —Savielly Tartakover, chess grandmaster That, and many other criminal defense chess quotes here.

  • Ladies of the Jury, Opposing Counsel is Just Like You . . . Except that She’s Much More Successful

    When I read articles about quirks of human behavior, I try to think of how I can take advantage of them both defensively and offensively. For example, when I read an article (from the American Society of Trial Consultants’ The Jury Expert magazine) entitled How We Can Help Witnesses Remember More, I consider not only […]

  • NLS Tactics and Strategy

    Blonde Justice and Western Justice (what is this “Justice” thing of which you speak?) have addressed the question of why a criminal-defense lawyer would not share exculpatory information before trial with the Government. WJ asked, “why would someone wait until trial to show the prosecutor exculpatory information like that?” The Blonde’s answer (written before WJ’s […]