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  • Sterner Days for Texas Free-Speech Law

    Situation excellent: On Wednesday the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the Beaumont Court of Appeals in Leax v. State. When the Court of Criminal Appeals granted discretionary review on Leax, I thought it would be the culmination of almost four years of fighting that began with this post after I realized that section 33.021 of the […]

  • Team Sport

    "Not a team sport." That's how the federal prosecutor described federal drug defense practice after a hearing in which two colleagues and I had shown a certain unity of purpose on behalf of our clients. Divide and separate is the name of the game for federal prosecutors (that and, I can bribe witnesses but you […]

  • Malum and Mao

    Mississippi Gulf Coast public defender Malum in Se writes about his guerrilla operations against the state: Last month I prepared 42 motions for bond reconsideration and set them for hearing wherever the court administrators would allow me to squeeze them in. This had all the ADA’s in an uproar calling and pleading to take them […]