Category: suppression

  • Jury Suppression in Texas

    There was a little discussion on Twitter this morning, started by Houston DWI lawyer Paul Kennedy, about suppression of illegally obtained evidence in Texas. In Texas, foreigners are often surprised to learn, juries can decide suppression issues on disputed facts—for example, when the cops say that they stopped the defendant for not wearing a seatbelt […]

  • The Coming TOS Boom.

    I admit that I confine my blog reading to the small-batch artisanal blogs. These are blogs that are not supported by advertising, not written for mass consumption, and that are mostly written by a single author who has other things to do with her life. This means that I miss out on blogs like The […]

  • Lucky Stars — an Anti-Whine.

    Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice informs us that, in the People’s Democratic Republic of New York, there is no right to expunction (only he calls it “expungement,” which, according to my OED, is “rare” — not that there’s anything wrong with that). So I presume that if you get arrested for something in New York, […]