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  • “Yes” Sets, Compliance Sets, and Cross-Examination

    A compliance set is a series of instructions (three will do) that you give to your hypnosis subject to establish his physical compliance with your commands. They don’t have to be fancy, but they have to be things that your subject will do: “Put your feet flat on the floor [he’s already doing it]. Rest […]

  • Always Ready, Seldom Prepared

    The title of this post is, according to Terry MacCarthy (buy the cross-examination CDs!), the criminal-defense lawyer’s credo. I had always thought of it as descriptive — the way we are — rather than prescriptive — the way we should be. We should be prepared, shouldn’t we? Yes and no. There are things we can […]

  • Terry MacCarthy in Plano

    The Center for American and International Law in Plano, Texas is presenting a cross-examination and impeachment seminar for the criminal defense bar December 13-14, 2007. Terry MacCarthy is the lead speaker. I recommend this seminar highly. Most of us could use more cross-examination training, and Terry is one of the best teachers. I would plan […]