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  • Humpty Dumpty Hervey: Standard Written English = “Hyper-technical”

    This was the only reference to time in the search-warrant affidavit: In the past 72 hours, a confidential informant advised the Affiant that Chris was seen in possession of a large amount of methamphetamine at his residence and business. The trial court and the Amarillo Court of Appeals held that the warrant was invalid because […]

  • Two Legislators, One Cup.

    Bryan, Texas criminal-defense lawyer Stephen Gustitis (The Defense Perspective) is representing a guy charged with harassment for making an “obscene” comment in a written communication (artist’s depiction follows):

  • How to Fix the System

    Dallas criminal-defense lawyer Robert Guest highlights the randomness of the criminal laws passed by the Texas Legislature with the Texas criminal law generator. Houston DUI lawyer Paul Kennedy and a friendly prosecutor have a modest proposal for reform of DWI laws. I think Paul and the prosecutor might have hit on the beginning of a […]

  • The Coming TOS Boom.

    I admit that I confine my blog reading to the small-batch artisanal blogs. These are blogs that are not supported by advertising, not written for mass consumption, and that are mostly written by a single author who has other things to do with her life. This means that I miss out on blogs like The […]

  • Get that Title!

    In my capacity as small-town big-city lawyer I get lots of calls from people with problems outside the field of criminal defense. People seem to think that, because I have a law degree, I actually know probate law, or family law (I do know a bit, but don’t tell anyone) or landlord-tenant law. Either that, […]