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  • Goosing Their Religion

    I've noticed that trial lawyers, when their beliefs about how to try cases are questioned, sometimes react as though the questions are personal attacks. This came to my attention in discussions among Trial Lawyers College alumni about the management of that institution. Most alumni remained silent, but the truth—that the avowedly anti-institutional College is run […]

  • Why is the Trial Lawyers College Afraid of these Three Women? [Updated]

    Three really smart creative empathetic lawyers—Joane Garcia-Colson, Mary Peckham, and Fredilyn Sison—are directing a four-day Trial Boot Camp in Palm Springs, California from May 13 to May 16, 2010. Tuition is $750. I know these women well from the Trial Lawyers College and psychodrama workshops, and I recommend their boot camp highly to women trial […]

  • TLC Alumni Blogs

    When I made my list yesterday of Trial Lawyers College alumni blogs: Eric J. Davis Paul Smith Jon Katz David Tarrell Chuck Peterson Remy Orozco Ed Stapleton I left off Collin County, Texas criminal-defense lawyer Tony Vitz, who recently started blogging, and Connecticut trial lawyer Norm Pattis, who has been blogging on and off forever, […]

  • First Blog from TLC

    It turns out that Gerry Spence was not the first blogger to blog from the Trial Lawyers College on his ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. Idaho criminal-defense lawyer Chuck Peterson has that distinction (with another LexBlog blog); he wrote on July 15th that TLC Will Change Your Life. Please welcome Chuck to the practical blawgosphere.Now c’mon […]