Category: Hypnosis

  • “Yes” Sets, Compliance Sets, and Cross-Examination

    A compliance set is a series of instructions (three will do) that you give to your hypnosis subject to establish his physical compliance with your commands. They don’t have to be fancy, but they have to be things that your subject will do: “Put your feet flat on the floor [he’s already doing it]. Rest […]

  • Aimless Rambling

    From Therapeutic Metaphors & Clinical Hypnosis, by David Puchol Esparza: [Milton] Erickson told many stories and told them to a variety of clients. As he said of his treatment for a young, anorexic girl, “My treatment for Barbie was to tell her short stories, metaphors, suspenseful stories, intriguing stories, boring stories. I told her all […]