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  • Burying the truth

    I wrote this back in April: Before the war, the conventional wisdom was that Saddam Hussein thought that the American people didn’t have the political will to go to war in the middle east. Bodies would start coming back in bags, and we would collectively realize the cost of war and reconsider the benefit. I […]

  • Blakely v. Washington

    Lately I’ve been fielding lots of calls from people whose loved ones might be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision in Blakely v. Washington. In a nutshell, Justice Scalia wrote in Blakely that, under Washington state’s sentencing guidelines, it was unconstitutional for the judge to increase Mr. Blakely’s sentence above the punishment authorized by the […]

  • My first, self-referential, post

    My intent is for this blog to be a place for me to discuss the criminal justice system and related topics. “Related topics” is a pretty broad category because it’s hard to imagine a topic that doesn’t somehow relate to the defense of people accused of crimes. So I’ll probably talk about whatever I feel […]