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  • One California Bankruptcy Lawyer Steps Into the Breach

    I told an anonymous document review whiner in this post that I would gladly spread his name if he was interested in representing human beings in their common disputes for little money. He didn’t take me up on it (it now transpires that he has actual clients, not just pretend ones, which one would never […]

  • Revisiting the Problem of the Working Poor

    Andrea Marsh of the Texas Fair Defense Project comments: I think you’re letting the judges who won’t appoint counsel to indigent bail defendants off too easily. These judges are violating the law, whether they straight out deny an application based on bond status (CCP 26.04(m)) or hold applications for counsel while repeatedly resetting cases in […]

  • More on Representation for the Working Poor

    Scott Henson (Grits for Breakfast) brings us news of Collin County, Texas’s efforts to cut costs by denying appointed counsel to people who own over a certain amount of assets or have income over a certain amount. The numbers? The rules are in this document (PDF): The financial standards set forth below shall be used […]