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  • No Hero

    Longtime commenter Thomas Griffiths writes, in response to my efforts to represent, pro bono, the British guy charged with aiding his wife’s suicide: Honestly, I’m friggin baffled by one of my public heroes’ actions. My right brain, says it’s the right thing to do when a Real CDL learns of incompetence, while the left side […]

  • Lessons in Media Relations and Blogging, from Tyler Flood [Updated, and Again]

    Tyler Flood (one of the smartest lawyers Tyler Flood has ever met!) says of his recent debacle in the Houston Press: During the course of this process I praised so many of my colleagues and even told Mike who to talk to, including Jed [Silverman], Gary [Trichter], Troy [McKinney], [Mark] Thiessen, Murph [Doug Murphy], Jim […]

  • The Further Adventures of “Lawyer” Andy Nolen

    Following on from this post . . . “Jerry k.” left 31 reviews for Houston lawyers on July 23, 2009: 30 one-star reviews and one five-star review. Guess who got five stars. Yep, James A. “Andy” Nolen. Among the lawyers panned by “jerry k.”: Don Becker (again, twice on this day), Todd Leffler, Dan Corrigan, […]

  • Andy Nolen, “Lawyer” [Updated Again]

    Okay, let’s play “one of these things is not like the other things,” Houston criminal-defense lawyer edition. Ready? John Floyd. Jack Carroll. James A. “Andy” Nolen. Don Becker. Tyler Flood. Wayne Hill. Which of these things just doesn’t belong? If you guessed “Andy Nolen”, you’re right.