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  • Someday. Maybe. If I’m Really Good

    I’ve made some punishment arguments to juries that I’m very proud of—arguments that gave me shivers, that got my clients exactly what they wanted. But I don’t believe I’ve ever read—much less made—a punishment argument anywhere near as powerful as this argument to a judge in an intoxicated-manslaughter a second-degree murder case by California criminal-defense […]

  • Another Great Moment in Trial Advocacy

    I had just explained to the jury all the reasons that the government’s star witness couldn’t be believed (based on his criminal history): he’s a thief, and thieves lie; he’s a robber, and robbers lie; he’s an organized criminal, and organized criminals lie; etc. Government lawyer Connie Spence gets up for her closing argument. “You […]

  • Punishing the Prosecutor to Fit the Crime

    A Harris County felony prosecutor, in closing argument, says (PDF on Scribd): You-all heard some evidence, which I would have loved to brought you more people, but I couldn’t. This case is, does Harris County find what he did okay? And I still don’t know what he did, because he won’t even say it. We […]

  • That’s What They’re Paying Him For, For One Thing

    “Her character is irrelevant,” Androphy said. “The fact that he met with her, the fact that he’s a judge in the court, she was a defendant on trial and they were planning to go out and potentially engage in a sexual affair makes him guilty. Period.” That’s Houston criminal-defense lawyer, and ABC affiliate KTRK-13’s legal […]

  • No, Really, Thank You!

    MR. SPENCE: You notice that I didn’t object to Mr. Day’s opening. There’s were things that were objectionable. Why don’t I object? I want you to hear what he has to say. I don’t want to interrupt his train of thought. I don’t want to interrupt his presentation or rhythms. I don’t want the Court […]