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  • Avvo, Endorsement, Fraud.

    Framingham, Massachusetts divorce lawyer Howard Lewis endorses Taylor: …and Weston: …and Rich: Also Ware: …and Bellotti: …and—oh, hell. 9,000-plus others, all of whom he couldn’t possibly know: This practice of endorsing strangers on Avvo makes actual endorsements worthless. It’s as bad as—worse than—falsifying client reviews. You don’t think Lewis picked 9,000 strangers to endorse, do […]

  • Avvo Answhores (Updated 11/30/2009)

    Avvo has this “Avvo Answers” thingumbob, in which “consumers” (that’s potential clients to you and me) can “Ask legal questions and get free advice from lawyers” (that’s from the header text). Avvo is pushing the “free advice” thing pretty hard—the URL of the page is http://www.avvo.com/free-legal-advice. That’s not how the people answering the questions see […]