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  • Thoughts on Internet Marketing for Lawyers

    Having seen my website rise to the top of the Houston Criminal Lawyer, Houston Criminal Defense, Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers, and texas Criminal Lawyer Google organic search results, I have a few thoughts for other criminal-defense lawyers who recognize that potential clients aren’t looking in the yellow pages anymore. First, you don’t have to spend […]

  • From Today’s Mailbag.

    Hello there! Your blog is great! I wonder if you’d be interested in placing a post about http://www.SomeOntarioBankruptcyLawyer.com (the website I am working on)? I am trying to develop some buzz around this site and touching base with quality online publishers like yourself who write about lawyers. If we can work something out please let […]

  • Improvisational Blogging

    I’m feeling uninspired. Here are some of the posts I’ve thought of in the last few months, titled, and then not written: Josh Karton in Houston The Commerce Clause The Problem of the Working Poor Lanyard Nation Of Course It’s Not an Individual Right! Here’s the deal: pick a title and suggest three or four […]

  • No-Nazi Zone

    I’m declaring Defending People a no-Nazi zone. If you want to call someone a Nazi, go elsewhere. Why? Because I don’t like ad hominem attacks in comments. They are, as Michael pointed out in a recent comment, absolutely unpersuasive. The “Nazi” attack is particularly offensive because it minimizes Nazism. You want to prosecute nullifiers? “You’re […]

  • This F**kin F**ker’s F**ked.

    As soon as I get a mention on Fark.com, my website crashes. Thanks so much, Lunarpages. I’ll be looking for a new ISP.

  • Strange Traffic Pattern

    Yesterday I received a couple of complaints that Defending People was loading slowly. I looked at my traffic stats, and saw that, while my overall numbers weren’t high enough to explain the slowdown, I was getting three times as many total page loads as unique visitors; usually it’s less than twice as many page loads […]

  • New Way to Subscribe

    Email delivery of Defending People through Feedburner is slow — posts are sent out in a daily digest, so there might be almost a daylong lag between when I post and when subscribers receive it via email. So I’m trying something new: the Subscribe2 plugin for WordPress. There’s an email subscription box in the sidebar; […]

  • Subscribe to Comments

    When I get a new magazine, the first thing I read is the letters to the editor. And when I find a new blog, the first thing I read is the comments. Sometimes I go to Simple Justice just to read the comments. One of the reasons I switched to WordPress was so that I […]

  • Blog Against Theocracy 2008

    New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Scott Greenfield, who reads more blogs than I do, tells us about BAT08, the Blog Against Theocracy 2008 Blogswarm. The idea is to spend this Easter weekend talking about the principle “that the Government should keep out of religion, and Religion should keep out of the government.” Regular readers know […]

  • Anonymous Bloggers

    I’m in favor of people in sensitive positions being able to blog anonymously so that they can bring us insights that we wouldn’t otherwise [edit: receive]. But — and maybe this is just me — I think if you’re going to blog anonymously you should treat people with at least as much respect as you […]