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  • Transcript of CharonQC’s John Kane Interview

    English law blogger CharonQC interviewed U.S. Senior District Court Judge John Kane of Colorado a couple of days ago. Judge Kane had some interesting things to say about the war on drugs (as well as about civil procedure); I linked to the interview here. With the permission of CharonQC, I’ve commissioned a transcript of the […]

  • Listen to This Today

    CharonQC’s podcast interview with U.S. District Judge John L. Kane of the District of Colorado. Judge Kane (not a fuzzy thinker) has some strong words against the “War on Drugs” and the politicians who have not yet caught on that the war on drugs has failed, cannot be won, and could never be won; and […]

  • CharonQC’s Podcast #90

    I admit a fascination with the British criminal justice system, and how far it and ours have diverged in the last 230 odd years. I welcome the frequent comments from British criminal barrister “Interested Counsel”, and have invited him to email me a list of questions and comments about American criminal justice. I learn a […]