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  • Chris Daniel’s interview, part 6 (in which I wrap it up)

    In his interview with David Jennings (see my commentary, in five parts, here, here, here, here, and here), Chris Daniel says something downright interesting: There are certain judges who will remain nameless, who have files in their office solely because they’re afraid to send them to imaging because they know that if they send it […]

  • Chris Daniel’s interview, part 5 (in which he speaks out for illegal immigrants)

    Further in his interview of Chris Daniel (my earlier commentary, in four parts, is here, here, here, and here), David Jennings betrays that Daniel is not the only participant ignorant of the operative facts. He gets the lawyer-window story confused, turning it into a lawyers-only-window story and trying to make of it a story of […]

  • Chris Daniel’s interview, part 4 (in which there is a vast conspiracy against him)

    In his interview with David Jennings (my earlier commentary, in three parts, is here, here, and here), Chris Daniel renounces the idea of illegally redacting documents as they are filed, claiming that Chronicle Reporter Chris Moran “unfortunately misquoted” him. (Because, y’know, journalists are misquoting people all the time.) Moran published a clarification on his Houston […]

  • Chris Daniel’s interview part 3 (in which he demonstrates the Dunning-Kruger effect)

    Lawyers who try cases will get a chuckle out of Chris Daniel’s description, in his interview with David Jennings (part 1 of my commentary; part 2) of how to figure out how many jurors to summon to eliminate waste: Well, we could use statistical analysis to see how many people would typically be needed on […]

  • Chris Daniel’s Interview, part 2 (in which he waffles on terror and fudges on jury duty)

    In his interview with David Jennings (part 1 of my analysis), Daniel talks about some of the conceivable problems with making public documents publicly available (he describes online access to documents as “online filing”; two different things). Some of them are nonproblems, because only lawyers have access to the documents (as in family law cases); […]

  • Chris Daniel’s interview, part 1 (in which he removes all doubt)

    ‘Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool . . . . David Jennings (Big Jolly Politics) has conversation with Republican District Clerk hopeful Chris Daniel. The puff-piece interview (Jennings doesn’t even talk with Daniel about the actual duties of the District Clerk, of which Daniel continues to show himself ignorant) demonstrates why […]

  • Chris Daniel’s Endorsement Lies

    Dear Chris Daniel: I see that you made the correction to your website that I noted in the last paragraphs here. I appreciate that. On the front page of your current website, you list *Welcome Wilson Sr. as endorsing you. The asterisk leads to a footnote that says, “Primary Only.” The primary is over. If […]

  • Harris County District Clerk Candidate Chris “Lightweight” Daniel

    A sweep by either party in Harris County’s 2010 elections will be disastrous. The people of Harris County can no more afford to lose Vanessa Velasquez (Republican incumbent for the 183rd District Court), or Mike McSpadden (Republican incumbent for the 209th District Court), or Larry Standley (Republican incumbent for County Criminal Court at Law Number […]