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  • TSA: All That is Wrong With America

    Curtis Robert Burns, also known as “Blogger Bob,” the Tokyo Rose of the TSA, responded publicly—and petulantly—to Amy Alkon’s post questioning TSA thugs concealing their identities from the traveling public (which I wrote about here and Greenfield riffed on here). As usual, TSA’s response to criticism is that they did everything “by the book.” What Burns and his fellow […]

  • Home of the Craven

    Popehat and Abel and Draughn and Hit & Run and Kennedy and Greenfield have already visited the subject of the video of a TSA goon groping a six-year-old girl at the airport in New Orleans (insert tacky Mardi Gras bead joke here, if you absolutely must). For me, the video did nothing more than reaffirm […]