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  • Specialty Blog: Houston DWI

    It’s not a blog of general interest, but if you’re interested in DWI law in Houston, read lawyer Dane Johnson’s Houston DWI Law Blog (a LexBlog Joint). Dane has been doing great work this week, writing successively about Houston DWI cops’ blood draw training,  the falsifiability of HGN results, and the coerciveness of the Harris […]

  • The Further Adventures of “Lawyer” Andy Nolen

    Following on from this post . . . “Jerry k.” left 31 reviews for Houston lawyers on July 23, 2009: 30 one-star reviews and one five-star review. Guess who got five stars. Yep, James A. “Andy” Nolen. Among the lawyers panned by “jerry k.”: Don Becker (again, twice on this day), Todd Leffler, Dan Corrigan, […]