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  • I Was Half Right About Dionne Press’s Assisted-Suicide Case

    On 18 September the aiding suicide case that Dionne Press neglected and that I offered to work on for free (which caused Press to try to get the DA’s Office to file charges or a grievance against me) was no-billed by the grand jury of the 351st District Court. So I was right in predicting that result (to be […]

  • My Prediction in Dionne Press’s Assisted-Suicide Case

    I’ve written about the case of the British guy charged with assisting in his wife’s suicide (and represented by Dionne Press) here, here, and here. My bet is that sometime in the next two weeks the DA’s Office will take the case to a grand jury, and the grand jury will no-bill (because there’s no evidence […]

  • No Hero

    Longtime commenter Thomas Griffiths writes, in response to my efforts to represent, pro bono, the British guy charged with aiding his wife’s suicide: Honestly, I’m friggin baffled by one of my public heroes’ actions. My right brain, says it’s the right thing to do when a Real CDL learns of incompetence, while the left side […]

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about this British guy who has (as of today) been sitting in the Harris County Jail for more than three weeks, charged by complaint with the class C misdemeanor of aiding suicide. The 351st District Court, where his case is pending, has no jurisdiction over a class C […]