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  • Judge Caprice Cosper

    In November there are seven incumbent “Republican” felony court judges up for reelection in Harris County. I put the party affiliation in quotes because (A) judges should not be elected in partisan elections; and (B) the best of these judges don’t act as though their party affiliation has anything to do with their judging. All […]

  • Three Opinions

    Kelly Siegler is behind 4-1 in the informal poll I’ve conducted down at the courthouse this week of people whose continued employment doesn’t depend on Kelly Siegler’s election. • A former Harris County prosecutor (now a prosecutor elsewhere) who served in Judge Lykos’s court would vote for Pat Lykos over Kelly Siegler, whom he describes […]

  • Three Republican DA Candidates

    Here are the Reasonable Doubt episodes featuring three of the four Republican DA candidates: Kelly Siegler Pat Lykos Jim Leitner

  • The Lesser of the Two Evils

    Let’s say there’s a race for public office that you’re interested in. And the ideal candidate is running for this office. But he really doesn’t have a chance of winning because, when it comes right down to it, he’s too much of a gentleman to do what needs to be done to win. And let’s […]

  • Babies and Bathwater

    The Harris County Republican primary, with its fight among Jim Leitner, Kelly Siegler, Doug Perry, and Pat Lykos is very interesting. Conventional wisdom is that Pat Lykos, who may very well be the absolute worst candidate for the position (sharing Doug Perry’s lack of trial experience but not his niceness nor honesty), has the nomination […]

  • Chron is Clueless Again

    The Houston Chronicle editorial board has endorsed Pat Lykos for DA. The column endorsing her regurgitates her campaign soundbites — basically, she sold herself to them. There’s a lot of empty air in Lykos’s campaign promises. In fact, they are almost 100% empty air. But the Chronicle editorial board doesn’t understand the criminal “justice” system […]

  • See the Republican DA Candidates! Live! All Nude!

    The Pachyderm Club of Downtown Houston is hosting the four Republican DA candidates tomorrow, February 7, 2008, at noon upstairs at the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Houston (901 Commerce Street). Entry fee is $8 at the door.

  • Unleash the Spin Hounds!

    News from an anonymous source who has provided reliable information in the past: Last night [1/31/08] at Live Sports Bar at Main and Preston, a pep rally-type meeting was held for the Siegler campagn. Apparently the subject and purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm and get motivated on how to counteract the stream of […]

  • Meet Pat Lykos

    I’m not the biggest fan (y’all might have detected this) of the idea of Kelly Siegler as Harris County D.A. It’s time for a change at the DA’s office, and unless Kelly starts telling us how she would institute real change at the Office, I’ll be dubious about whether she will bring real change. But […]

  • The Candidates’ Debate

    From Earl Musick: The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association feels that the election of the next Harris County District Attorney is extremely important to our organization and to the citizens of Harris County. Because of the importance of this race, HCCLA has organized a debate involving candidates seeking this important position. The debate is sponsored […]