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  • The Right Way and the Wrong Way

    When the streets are flooding and the rain is coming down (as happened last Tuesday) and there are people who feel a obligation to you to travel in to downtown from their homes, there’s a right way to handle the situation and a wrong way. The right way: Some parts of town are underwater. It […]

  • Criminal Lawyers: Ex-Partisan Judges and Ex-Partisan Prosecutors

    Houston criminal lawyer Murray Newman, to his credit, comes to the defense of his friend Judge Hanger. Good for him. Somehow he finds a tenuous connection between my views on Ms. Hanger, who hasn’t (officially) been a prosecutor in years, with collegiality or the lack thereof between defense and prosecutorial bars, but he misses the […]

  • Here Comes the Judge

    Ex-Judge Hanger, who went from being a “fuck-the-accused” judge in December to calling herself a criminal-defense lawyer in January, is, along with her partner (also a former judge, but one with a repuation for fairness) “currently developing a new Web site with Findlaw.” The placeholder page says, “work with a lawyer who will aggressively protect […]

  • Ex-Judge Hanger

    A couple of the Harris County felony court judges deselected by the voters in November have, as I noted before, hung out their shingles as would-be criminal-defense lawyers. They will, no doubt, advertise their ex-judgeness to the potential clients as a positive. And judicial experience could well be a positive in some cases. One of […]