Tag: Fraud

  • Avvo, Endorsement, Fraud.

    Framingham, Massachusetts divorce lawyer Howard Lewis endorses Taylor: …and Weston: …and Rich: Also Ware: …and Bellotti: …and—oh, hell. 9,000-plus others, all of whom he couldn’t possibly know: This practice of endorsing strangers on Avvo makes actual endorsements worthless. It’s as bad as—worse than—falsifying client reviews. You don’t think Lewis picked 9,000 strangers to endorse, do […]

  • Shame on You, Jeff Bezos.

    I was prepared to love my Kindle 2. I can buy books cheap from Amazon, upload my own content, and read it “as easily in bright sunlight as in my living room.”Except, um, no. Here’s how the Kindle 2 screen looks in shade. It’s okay, but I would wish for a much higher contrast between […]