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  • TCDLA Strike Force FTW

    The idea behind a lawyers’ assistance strike force is that when a criminal-defense lawyer is under attack for doing her job, the strike force can intercede for the lawyer and protect the defense function. NACDL has a strike force; I helped several lawyers out of contempt citations on behalf of HCCLA’s strike force, and will […]

  • Democracy Wins

    I am pleased to report that, in a process more resembling democracy than the usual oligarchy, Houston DWI lawyer Gary Trichter has been elected president-elect of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

  • Tyler Flood: The Drunk Driver’s Lawyer?

    Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood on DWI cases, from the Houston Press article (yes, it’s like crack): “Listen, most of the people we get off are intoxicated. But that’s the justice system,” he says. “I’ve always thought people would be very concerned if they knew what we were doing.” Tyler: You know that you’re talking […]