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  • Gurstel Chargo: Welcome to Hell, Merolo and Kulpers [Updated X2]

    Minnesota debt-collection mill Gurstel Chargo announces that it has hired two new associate attorneys in Scottsdale, Katherine Merolo and Benjamin S. Kulpers. I wonder if Merolo and Kulpers know what they’re in for: I am a recent (now past) employee of this law firm. FDCPA violations happen on a regular basis, and I just wish that […]

  • Meet Gurstel Chargo, “Honest Americans” {updated twice}

    {Update 9 August 2013: The Colliers appear to have dismissed their case against Gurstel Chargo. The Stipulation to Dismiss says in part: 2. Gurstel Chargo performed no action that was in violation of the FDCPA; 3. The telephone call referred to inthe Complaint and the central subject of this lawsuit was not made by Gurstel […]