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  • Rakofsky’s Ad to Replace Richard Borzouye

    “This is a Defamation case that was filed only a couple of months ago; it is brand new. If the case survives the motions to dismiss, I assume it will be 2 or 3 years before it is over. There are many, many defendants and once they learn who the lawyer is who I will […]

  • Was Joseph Rakofsky Ineffective?

    From the transcript of the hearing on Dontrell Deaner’s request to fire Joseph Rakofsky from Deaner’s criminal case: It was apparent to the Court that there was a—not a good grasp of legal principles and legal procedure of what was admissibIe and what was not admissible that inured, I think, to the detriment of Mr. […]

  • Richard Borzouye: No Bad Publicity?

    There is a class of lawyer that thinks that there is no bad publicity; that anything that gets their name in the news, regardless of how undistinguished, is worth doing and bragging about. I know one lawyer here in Houston who will take a newsworthy case for a small downpayment, pump the case for publicity, […]

  • Compendium of Rakofsky (and Borzouye) v. Internet Blog Posts

    For your enlightenment and amusement: (More as I find them, or in the pingbacks.) How Young Lawyers Should NOT Conduct Themselves Online « An … Feeling Left Out – The Criminal Lawyer – Commentary on Law and Policy Simple Justice: Rakofsky v. Internet* MyShingle's Been Sued in Rakofsky v. – My Shingle This Is Not […]