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  • Ethos, Fleas, and Awesomeness

    The State Bar’s ethics “expert” Lillian Hardwick has hitched her horse to “concierge attorney” Robert S. “…” Bennett‘s ethical wagon: (Source.) Robert S. “…” Bennett, you’ll recall, was the consumer lawyer who tried to represent Allen Stanford in a case that he seems to have gotten by badmouthing Kent Schaffer in an email: Allen Stanford […]

  • What the State Bar Thinks About Flat Fees

    In its concerted effort to sell lawyers the bill of goods that is the amendments to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, the State Bar and its mouthpieces keep saying things like this: YOU MAY HAVE HEARD/READ: “The proposed rules will turn fee collection in the criminal defense world on its head.” CLARIFICATION: This […]