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  • Mark Sandoval and Christopher Ernest Braughton (Updated)

    Emanuel Dominguez’s fiancée, Jessica Cavender—a Marine like Emmanuel—was nowhere near when, according to this account, “Emmanuel Dominguez began backing away with his hands in the air when [Christopher Ernest] Braughton opened fire, shooting him once in the torso.” Now Christopher Ernest Braughton is charged with murdering Emmanuel Dominguez (Indictment—PDF), and is set for trial August […]

  • More on Mark Sandoval

    Rick Casey researched Mark Sandoval’s disciplinary record back in October of last year (when he was representing Elizabeth Shelton’s mother). Sandoval has been sanctioned four times by the State Bar of Texas. The least serious was failing to show up for four successive trial settings for a client. The most serious involved submitting a voucher […]

  • Frivolous Conflicted Representation. Where Else but Harris County?

    From Social Services for Feral Children comes this story, which the Houston Chronicle seems to have flat-out missed. Follow along here: Elizabeth Shelton has a car crash. She rear-ends Lance Bennett (no relation AFAIK; I have a cousin Lance who went to LSU, but I don’t think he’s a truck driver). Her boyfriend, Matthew McNeice […]