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  • Math is Hard: Fear is Not Danger

    A recent Gallup poll names the Houston, Sugar Land, and Baytown region among the least safe U.S. metro areas, according to resident confidence in the safety of where they live. Only 63 percent of those polled in the Houston area responded that they felt safe walking alone at night in the area they reside. * * * * […]

  • The “Gun-Show” “Loophole” and Tort Law

    The “gun-show loophole” is the popular name for the idea that people who wouldn’t be able to buy guns from federally licensed firearms dealers can go to gun shows and buy guns without background checks from non-FFLs. I’ve been to several gunshows, and haven’t seen more than a handful of guns for sale by non-FFLs. […]

  • A Lie Told Often Enough…

    Returning to the topic of the Enliven Project rape infographic: Two Percent? Sarah Beaulieu, trying to justify the infographic, assumes that only 2% of rape reports are false. This is, as it turns out, not only her assertion; it is also a meme. Edward Greer of Brookline Massachusetts did some detective work to try to […]

  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Infographics [Updated With Links]

    You may have seen this graphic: …which purports to show that for every 998 rapists, there are 100 rapes reported, thirty people tried, ten people jailed, and only two people falsely accused. The numbers, particularly the last one—only two false accusations for every 100 true reports—are very interesting to me. Where did the illustrator get […]