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  • Not Unethical, But Still Not Right

    Chief Disciplinary Counsel Mark DuBois regards the issue I submitted on behalf of the Twittergate Committee, composed of a few bloggers who felt strongly about the controversy mentioned above, as frivolous, suggesting that both I and Mark Bennett have too much time on our hands. Case closed. No ethics violation, not even probable cause to […]

  • The Grand Misdirect [With Final Update]

    Pattis plays dumb: So rather than engage in another link-building piece of naval [sic] gazing, I will submit the issue Bennett raised to my local Grievance Committee, the body that polices lawyers. I will publish the results of the complaint here. If I am wrong, I will admit it. First, Pattis imagines that I seek […]

  • Lawyers For All

    I first saw the idea raised by John Kindley in this comment at Simple Justice: free criminal-defense lawyers for everyone, not just the indigent. I replied there that society should be willing to bear the full cost of prosecuting accused law-breakers, including the cost of due process. Norm Pattis came up with the same idea: […]

  • RIP

    The following blogs on my blogroll bit the dust in 2008: Bad Court Thingy Curia Advisari Vult da blog HCSO Blog Norm Pattis’s blog They made my blogroll because they had something interesting to say, or an interesting way to say something. I miss them.