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  • To My Republican Friends

    Are you collectively really so brainwashed that you think it’s okay to advocate “empowering” judges by taking sentencing power away from juries in felony cases belongs in the same document (the Texas GOP 2008 Platform . . . the image ought to be a live link) as “Preserving American Freedom” and “Limiting the Expanse of […]

  • Asshat Lawyer of the Day

    With a hat tip to alert reader Brendan Kelly, the story (USA Today Blog) of an Indiana Republican congressional candidate, Tony Zirkle, speaking at a birthday party for Adolf Hitler. (For this post only, the Rule Against Calling People Nazis in Comments is suspended.) Brendan also helpfully directed me to Mr. Zirkle’s politician CV, from […]

  • Things Only Civil Lawyers Would Say, Part I

    From the letters to the April 14, 2008 Houston Chronicle: Justice here isn’t partisan I write in response to the letter written by Dana Lejune that was published in the Chronicle Thursday. (Please see “The way to get new judges.”) I am particularly disturbed at the characterization that justice in our county is dispensed with […]

  • Admit it: You Goofed.

    Young Doug Weathers (the adjective was recently vacated by order of the Nickname Marshal, Scott “Paladin” Greenfield) is discovering that maybe he doesn’t quite support the Republican Party in all its glory. He says, “for the first time in my adult life I voted for self-interest rather than perceived national interest.” “Perceived” is the key […]

  • Lykos Reads the DA Playbook

    From AHCL, talking about Harris County Republican DA candidate Pat Lykos: At a recent political event, she refused to speak until after the representative of the Siegler campaign had gone first (even though that wasn’t the agreed upon order). Apparently, she didn’t want anyone to follow up after her speech and point out (yet again) […]

  • National Politics

    Other blawgs aspire to be apolitical. Not Defending People. Everything we do is about politics — the way groups make decisions. There is nothing more political than trying to convince twelve jurors that we have the right side of a dispute. Seen up close, trial lawyering is pure politics. On a slightly larger scale, we […]

  • Chuck is Going . . . Going . . .

    I asked here, “Is the fix in? Did Kelly get word that Chuck’s resignation is in the cards?” It appears that, indeed, the fix is in. Reports indicate that Chuck Rosenthal’s chief investigator (and right-hand man) John Ray Harrison was packing up Chuck’s office on Friday. Business as usual, then, at the Harris County DA’s […]

  • By the Way . . .

    The Harris County Republican Party’s website shows only Jim Leitner running for the position of Harris County District Attorney, but I’m informed that Chuck Rosenthal’s withdrawal from the race had the statutory effect of keeping the Republican primary ballot open for an additional 48 hours — till Friday evening. Also, I’ve heard that Harris County […]