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  • Punishing the Prosecutor to Fit the Crime

    A Harris County felony prosecutor, in closing argument, says (PDF on Scribd): You-all heard some evidence, which I would have loved to brought you more people, but I couldn’t. This case is, does Harris County find what he did okay? And I still don’t know what he did, because he won’t even say it. We […]

  • Another Great Thing About Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    I am not subject to political hatchet jobs. (Watch the video. Then read Houston soon-to-be criminal-defense lawyer Murray Newman’s (F/K/A “AHCL”) posts on the firings here and here.)

  • Diplomatic?

    My lawyer informs me that, since I’m going to be HCCLA president next year (actually next week), I’m going to have to start being more “diplomatic”. I’m not sure I can do that. But I’ll try. . . . starting tomorrow. Today’s Asshat of the Day Award (henceforth “ADA”) is shared by every 25-28 year […]

  • Welcome, Former Prosecutors, to the Real World

    Two recent news items, perhaps pertinent to the question of whether prosecutors lead more sheltered existences than self-employed lawyers: In Searching for New Job, Gonzales Sees No Takers – New York Times and Law of Criminal Defense – And you think the economy sucks? Ask any criminal-defense lawyer Let me sum up: former top prosecutor […]

  • WE Live Sheltered Lives

    I’ve taken some criticism for my belief that Harris County Prosecutors (and judges) are typically deficient in the real-world experience that leads to perspective and empathy. Quoth AHCL: But as to Mark’s argument about “real world experience” outside of the prosecutor’s office being a bonus to being a criminal District Court Judge, I do actually […]

  • Former Prosecutors III — A Specific Case

    I’ve written before, here, here, and here, as well as here, about former prosecutors taking criminal cases. So when I read Rick Casey’s column in this morning’s Chronicle, Who I’ll Hire if I’m Caught, in which he explained why he would hire Kelly Siegler to defend him against criminal charges — because “if she can […]

  • More Truth About Fear

    When I pointed yesterday to the fact that Kelly Siegler’s advice to other prosecutors to “make people afraid” it was intended to be a Sunday-afternoon placeholder until I had time to deal with Kelly’s admonishment in more depth. Judge Caprice Cosper says that there are people whom we punish because we’re mad at them, and […]

  • The Question of Compassion

    AHCL thinks that she and I are coming at the question of compassion from different starting points. AHCL writes: You know, I think the reason that I disagree with Marky Mark and some of the other posters on a lot of the issues is because we begin on different starting points when we make our […]

  • Prosecutors and Judges: How is this Possibly Okay?

    Today (January 29th) I got a fax from the prosecutor on a misdemeanor case. The fax contained: A Motion to Disclose Experts; and An order granting that motion. The motion carried a certificate of service claiming that the motion had been served on me on the day the motion was filed or before. It had […]

  • Ignorance is Strength

    Prosecutor AHCL contributes to a vast sea of inanity — inanity almost beyond belief; a sort of naive inanity that could only ooze from the keyboard of (dare I say it?) a prosecutor — when she writes about Why I’m Concerned About Writing. After the Cliff’s Notes version of George Orwell’s 1984 (which she admits […]