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  • Robert S. Bennett (Absolutely No Relation)

    I’ve written about Robert S. Bennett from time to time, and I’m not impressed by him. But neither was I impressed with the State Bar’s effort to disbar him, which effort succeeded in March. Robert S. Bennett was barred: from practicing law in Texas, holding himself out as an attorney at law, performing any legal […]

  • Ethos, Fleas, and Awesomeness

    The State Bar’s ethics “expert” Lillian Hardwick has hitched her horse to “concierge attorney” Robert S. “…” Bennett‘s ethical wagon: (Source.) Robert S. “…” Bennett, you’ll recall, was the consumer lawyer who tried to represent Allen Stanford in a case that he seems to have gotten by badmouthing Kent Schaffer in an email: Allen Stanford […]

  • Too Much to Mock

    Robert S. Bennett . . . has a problem. The Houston consumer lawyer (who . . . “does some criminal work“—records show him as counsel of record on a grand total of nine federal criminal cases in the Southern District of Texas, and no state criminal cases in Harris County) took on representation of R. […]