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  • Trench Menu: Find Scott Greenfield

    The topic is the “Trench Menu” memeā€”the posting on Twitter by criminal-defense lawyers of one-line summaries of their days. Norm Pattis started the meme; others jumped in. The post itself is vintage “Get Off My Lawn” Greenfield, so I suspect that Scott was kidnapped sometime between 7:29 a.m. EDT, when the post was published, and […]

  • The Jew With a Gun Next Door

    A couple of years ago (!) I wrote about mapping the blogosphere as a metaphorical space, with proximity measured by commonality of interest as represented by mutual links. Today New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield has a nice profile today of one of our virtual neighbors, Minneapolis renaissance man Joel “Jdog” Rosenberg. Not a lawyer, […]

  • Criminal Defense Chat with Scott Greenfield

    Here is an interview with Scott Greenfield that I recorded a couple of months ago. CharonQC’s interview of Brian Tannebaum inspired me to try to put it on line. Let’s see if it works, shall we? [audio:http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/24606/In_the_can/01_DP_Podcast_001_guest_Scott_Greenfield.mp3]