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  • Sausage

    The last time the Texas House of Representatives impeached a judge was 1975. O.P. Carrillo of Duval County was the respondent. Leon Jaworski prosecuted the impeachment in the Senate. I’ve been hanging around the Texas Capitol since midday waiting for the Texas House of Representatives Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee to start hearing House Resolution […]

  • Keller Impeachment

    “It is important that the committee be made aware of the public’s desire for impeachment,” [Texas Representative Lon] Burnam said. “I encourage anyone who wishes to see justice done in this matter to come to room E2.010 in the capitol on Monday afternoon and register ‘for’ House Resolution 480.” (Email press release, via Grits.) I’ll […]

  • Texas House Resolution to Investigate Sharon Keller

    81R8266 JSA-F By: Burnam H.R. No. 480 R E S O L U T I O N WHEREAS, The House of Representatives of the Texas Legislature has exclusive power to present articles of impeachment against a state officer under Section 1, Article XV, Texas Constitution, and Chapter 665, Government Code; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, […]

  • Rick Casey Gets it Right

    Commenting on Sharon Keller’s whining about being denied the right to counsel because she has to choose between representing herself and paying Chip Babcock’s full fare, the Chronicle’s Rick Casey writes: The judge should know better, especially in these tough times, than to ask us taxpayers to agree to a lawyer whose usual and customary […]

  • Today’s Houston Criminal Law News

    This, an appeal arising out of a Houston case is, as far as I can tell, the first time ever that Judge Sharon Keller has reversed a case to a defendant’s benefit. Bailiff uses taser on man accused of photographing witness. Johnson was watching a trial in state District Judge Ruben Guerrero’s court, officials said, […]

  • When Official Woman Kills

    The ordinarily-effete Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, faced with bad press and public outcry (including a complaint from HCCLA), has grown some backbone and initiated formal public proceedings against Sharon Keller. Here is the pleading. The “official woman” of the title is not Keller, who is accused of ignoring the court’s standing procedures to kill […]