• Democracy Wins

    I am pleased to report that, in a process more resembling democracy than the usual oligarchy, Houston DWI lawyer Gary Trichter has been elected president-elect of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

  • How to Run for TCDLA Director or Officer

    From the TCDLA Bylaws, Art. IX Sec. 3: A qualified member who desires election as an officer, director or associate director of the Association may file a petition to that effect. Such petition shall set forth the office sought and shall have attached to it the signed statements of twenty (20) members who believe the […]

  • TCDLA’s Broken Election Process

    You get something like this in the mail, addressed to you:You know you’ve got no business with the accountancy that sent it. You’re a criminal-defense lawyer, and have no business with accountants as a general rule. Do you: a) Figure it’s junk mail, and roundfile it; orb) Figure it’s important, and open it immediately? I […]

  • The Club

    Gerry Spence spoke today at the end of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s annual Rusty Duncan Seminar. I could see why they put Gerry last—if he spoke first, most of the lawyers talking about lawyer stuff would seem largely irrelevant or quaintly unself-aware. One speaker, for example, advocated telling jurors who gave “good” answers […]