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  • Trench Menu: Find Scott Greenfield

    The topic is the “Trench Menu” memeā€”the posting on Twitter by criminal-defense lawyers of one-line summaries of their days. Norm Pattis started the meme; others jumped in. The post itself is vintage “Get Off My Lawn” Greenfield, so I suspect that Scott was kidnapped sometime between 7:29 a.m. EDT, when the post was published, and […]

  • A Scavenger’s Feast, Delivered

    If you’re not already on Twitter, here’s a good reason to dip your toe into the twitterstream: jury consultant Dennis Elias (twitter name @JuryVox) tweets frequent links to the latest jury research. For example: The Crime Victim’s Right to Confer with Prosecutors. Reflections on why we de-humanize our fellow humans. Implications for jury trial. Advice […]