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  • Tyler Flood Postscript

    Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood made an irresistible target of  himself by running his mouth to the Houston Press, and I was unable to resist. Whoever writes blog posts under his name at his blog managed (inadvertently, I hope) to string Christmas lights around the target by comparing him to Andy Nolen and accusing me […]

  • Lessons in Media Relations and Blogging, from Tyler Flood [Updated, and Again]

    Tyler Flood (one of the smartest lawyers Tyler Flood has ever met!) says of his recent debacle in the Houston Press: During the course of this process I praised so many of my colleagues and even told Mike who to talk to, including Jed [Silverman], Gary [Trichter], Troy [McKinney], [Mark] Thiessen, Murph [Doug Murphy], Jim […]

  • Tyler Flood: The Drunk Driver’s Lawyer?

    Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood on DWI cases, from the Houston Press article (yes, it’s like crack): “Listen, most of the people we get off are intoxicated. But that’s the justice system,” he says. “I’ve always thought people would be very concerned if they knew what we were doing.” Tyler: You know that you’re talking […]

  • Tyler Flood Can’t Help Himself

    From the Houston Press article on Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood: On all of his sites, Flood’s biography starts with his No. 4 class rank in law school. It doesn’t mention that he graduated during the summer with 17 other people. (In fact, the site for Flood Publishing, which sells law school flash cards, claims […]

  • Andy Nolen, Move Over!

    From a Houston Press article about Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood: Flood pays someone to keep up his Google search rankings. . . . He has reviewed himself on Yahoo (five out of five stars): “Tyler Flood is one of the smartest lawyers I have ever met…reasonably priced also!” (Here’s the profile giving Tyler that […]

  • Andy Nolen, “Lawyer” [Updated Again]

    Okay, let’s play “one of these things is not like the other things,” Houston criminal-defense lawyer edition. Ready? John Floyd. Jack Carroll. James A. “Andy” Nolen. Don Becker. Tyler Flood. Wayne Hill. Which of these things just doesn’t belong? If you guessed “Andy Nolen”, you’re right.