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  • Why religion is Unavoidable

    As my first post for Blog Against Theocracy 2008, I’d like to point out that there are implicit religious assumptions that underlie every position taken in every discussion of criminal justice policy. For example: One of the fundamental questions of criminal justice policy is why we punish people. There are five possible reasons to do […]

  • A Pistol is What You Use . . .

    . . . to fight your way to a real gun. I got to hear a few snippets of the Heller arguments today on NPR. In the intro, the reporter described a handgun as “the easiest method of self-defense.” I expect some ignorance of firearms from Eastern intellectuals like NPR reporters and most Supreme Court […]

  • Anonymous Bloggers

    I’m in favor of people in sensitive positions being able to blog anonymously so that they can bring us insights that we wouldn’t otherwise [edit: receive]. But — and maybe this is just me — I think if you’re going to blog anonymously you should treat people with at least as much respect as you […]

  • The Mack Arnold Trust

    Yesterday Mack Arnold’s daughter Angela and HCCLA President Pat McCann opened bank accounts for the “Mack Arnold Trust”. Pat writes: As you may know, Mack was felled by a stroke recently, and will be a long time in recovery. To my knowledge he has no medical insurance and as anyone who has dealt with a […]

  • DA Traits: Arrogance and Viciousness or Humility and Compassion

    I had an email conversation recently with a friend who’s a prosecutor. I wrote: Our next DA needs to know that he or she is not part of a dynasty, is only temporary, is human and fallible, and answers ultimately to the families of the accused, who greatly outnumber the families of the victims. He […]

  • DA Magidson

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Ken Magidson is reportedly Governor Perry’s choice for interim Harris County District Attorney. His appointment is supposedly contingent on his getting the U.S. Department of Justice’s approval to run the Harris County DA’s Office for 9 months and then return to his job at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but this sort of […]

  • P.P.S.

    The gladiators will return.

  • P.S.

    No need to update links. I managed to keep the same structure.

  • New Blogging Software

    I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress. There’s still much to do to get the blog looking the way I think it should, but at least now the “recent comments” widget works.

  • . . . Gone!

    Chuck Rosenthal has resigned, effective 3 p.m. today. In his letter of resignation he writes: Today, I wrote Governor Perry and tendered my resignation as Harris County District Attorney. My decision to retire from office was precipitated by a number of things. The federal court’s release of my private emails around Christmas of last year […]