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  • Beating up on the Mentally Ill

    In another sentencing hearing (the defendant had pled guilty to theft and was seeking probation from the judge), the prosecutor argued that the defendant, who was mentally ill (diagnosed but unmedicated at the time of the theft, which was followed by two suicide attempts; medicated now; a thousand pages of medical records in evidence) had […]

  • Pot Calls Kettle Black

    In a sentencing hearing the other day (I was observing a colleague’s injury to a child case), I heard a prosecutor argue something that made me do a double take: “This man used his position of power to hurt other people.” Isn’t that a pretty fair description of what prosecutors do when they put people […]

  • Introduction

    I’m a criminal-defense lawyer in Houston, Texas. I represent people accused of all sorts of crimes in state court all over Texas, and in federal court all over the country. In this blog, I plan to talk about anything that relates in any way to the practice of criminal defense law. In my mind, that’s […]